Urban Cowboy (1980)

Urban Cowboy (1980) Full HD Movie Download

Urban Cowboy (1980) is a film of the genre Drama, which you can download or watch online on our website. It is available in different formats and HD quality. The original title of this film is Urban Cowboy (1980) and was released in the year 1980. And today, right now, you can see it. No tricks, no misleading advertising. The duration of this film is 2h 12m. So get your popcorns and a comfortable chair ready.

  • Title: Urban Cowboy (1980)
  • Original Title: Urban Cowboy (1980)
  • Year: 1980
  • Original Lenguage: English
  • Genre: Drama
  • Runtime: 2h 12m



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Urban Cowboy (1980) Review:

After moving to Pasadena, Texas, country boy Bud Davis starts hanging around a bar called Gilley's, where he falls in love with Sissy, a cowgirl who believes the sexes are equal. They eventually marry, but their relationship is turbulent due to Bud's traditional view of gender roles. Jealousy over his rival, Wes, leads to their separation, but Bud attempts to win Sissy back by triumphing at Gilley's mechanical bull-riding competition.


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