The Funhouse (1981)

The Funhouse (1981) Full HD Movie Download

The Funhouse (1981) is a film of the genre Horror, which you can download or watch online on our website. It is available in different formats and HD quality. The original title of this film is The Funhouse (1981) and was released in the year 1981. And today, right now, you can see it. No tricks, no misleading advertising. The duration of this film is 1h 36m. So get your popcorns and a comfortable chair ready.

  • Title: The Funhouse (1981)
  • Original Title: The Funhouse (1981)
  • Year: 1981
  • Original Lenguage: English
  • Genre: Horror
  • Runtime: 1h 36m



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The Funhouse (1981) Review:

Rebellious teen Amy defies her parents by going to a trashy carnival that has pulled into town. In tow are her boyfriend, Buzz, and their friends Liz and Richie. Thinking it would be fun to spend the night in the campy “Funhouse” horror ride, the teens witness a murder by a deformed worker wearing a mask. Locked in, Amy and her friends must evade the murderous carnival workers and escape before it leaves town the next day.


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The Funhouse (1981) Full HD Movie Download The Funhouse (1981) Free Watch Online The Funhouse (1981) Release Date

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