Kite (1998)

Kite (1998) Full HD Movie Download

Kite (1998) is a film of the genre Animation, which you can download or watch online on our website. It is available in different formats and HD quality. The original title of this film is カイト and was released in the year 1998. And today, right now, you can see it. No tricks, no misleading advertising. The duration of this film is 0h 50m. So get your popcorns and a comfortable chair ready.

  • Title: Kite (1998)
  • Original Title: カイト
  • Year: 1998
  • Original Lenguage: Japanese
  • Genre: Animation
  • Runtime: 0h 50m



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Kite (1998) Review:

Sawa may seem innocent and naive, but don’t be fooled. She is a cold-blooded killer, and if you’re on the wrong side of the law, you may be her next target. Not content to just watch as the imperfect justice system lets more and more criminals go loose every day, a detective decides to train the young Sawa to be his instrument of justice.


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Kite (1998) Full HD Movie Download Kite (1998) Free Watch Online カイト Release Date

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